Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture is ancient Chinese medicine that uses extremely fine, hair-thin needles on specific points located on the body to treat pain and illness. In recent years, modern medical research has confirmed the existence and usefulness of these points, and the World Health Organization now recognizes acupuncture as invaluable in managing over 100 common disorders covering every system of the body.

Acupuncture services
Curious about acupuncture? Come in and try our Taste of Acupuncture Session ($60 for 30 minutes). The purpose of the mini session is to get acquainted with the feeling of the needles as well as introducing you to the many incredible benefits associated with acupuncture. This session is for new clients only, who hope to include acupuncture in their wellness journey. This appointment is not necessary in order to book an initial appointment.

Our acupuncturists can develop an individualized treatment plan for you to treat a variety of conditions, including:


musculoskeletal pain and degeneration


neurological disorders, from migraines and mood disorders to drug/alcohol detoxification


women’s and men’s reproductive concerns throughout the lifecycle, from PMS to menopause, endometriosis, prostatitis, and improving male and female fertility to increase success of (or even eliminate the need for) ART/IVF!


IBS, constipation, gallstones, and other digestive issues


endocrine/hormonal conditions, including diabetes and thyroid and adrenal dysfunction


immune weaknesses such as allergies as well as cancer support through chemotherapy and radiation


stress and anxiety relief


skin rashes, acne, eczema, and psoriasis


cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and a wide range of blood disorders


urinary infections and all sorts of kidney disease, as well as aiding in the passage of kidney stones

Acupuncture Pricing

  • Taste of Acupuncture Session

    30 Minute Intro Session


  • Acupuncture Initial Session

    60-90 Minute Initial Session


  • Acupuncture Follow-up Session

    60 Minute Follow-up Session



    Initial session plus 3 follow-up sessions. Save $50.


  • PACKAGE Three Follow-Up

    3 follow-up sessions. Save $15.


  • PACKAGE Four Follow-Up

    5 follow-up sessions. Save $50.


  • PACKAGE Ten Follow-Up

    10 follow-up sessions. Save $100.


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