What You Can Expect With Aliandra

What You Can Expect With Aliandra

by | Feb 24, 2019 | Main Blog

A Client’s Perspective

Disclaimer: Each of the practitioners at Ohana Wellness are professionally trained to adjust to the needs of their clients. The following experience is not meant to deter you from exploring this practitioner’s therapeutic bodywork for yourself. In fact, it is encouraged. Every body is different. 

“To penetrate the hardest armor, use the softest touch” – Lao Tzu

If you’re looking for a truly deep and pure restorative experience, look no further than this therapy with Aliandra. I’ve been a patron of Ohana Wellness for nearly six years and I had never explored the option of Craniosacral Therapy – I had assumptions as to what it was (something to do with your head) and wasn’t sure whether or not it was what I needed (I tend to go the route of a good muscle pounding after a long stressful week at work). Turns out, this therapy is incredibly powerful and incredibly subtle.

So, what exactly is Craniosacral Therapy? Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle, non-invasive, non-manipulative therapy that is designed for the practitioner to listen for and engage with the nervous system. It is a gentle, safe, healing art particularly helpful in relieving stress, trauma, overactive nervous systems (hello my anxiety warriors!), and many other disorders, pain, and other dysregulations.

We know that in today’s environment (particularly on the east coast), stillness isn’t rewarded. In fact, increasingly, it seems we’re all in a competition on how busy we are. We associate busy-ness with importance, accomplishment, value, etc. Even when we practice self-care, we are often still engaged with other things—scrolling through our phones; on a phone call; making a to-do list—all whilst getting “doing” self-care.

I had just finished a brutal four days of business travel, working 12 to 15 hour days on my feet, feeling overstimulated by being “on” around 600 people for the duration of that trip. I was exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, and had no concept of what to expect during my time with Aliandra. We began my session, fully clothed, resting, on a massage table. Aliandra worked to establish a space of safety, comfort, and non-invasiveness for me to have the ideal environment to truly just be. At the core, BCST sessions are about resourcing the body’s natural ability to heal itself given the right type of environment. How incredible our bodies are if we allow them to work the way they can and should!

Aliandra used gentle human touch for sustained periods of time on key parts of my body (holding my ankles, cradling my head, sustaining my sacrum) to help me deeply relax, to nurture an atmosphere of “it’s okay to just let go of everything and let yourself heal.” There was no music, no incense, no fuss. It was a stripped experience and yet I was more covered than most of my massage experiences. Aliandra has an uncanny ability to melt her hands into your body – I forgot she was even there. I felt cradled by her but never invaded. I felt cared for by her, but never pushed beyond the comfort of my boundaries. I felt her with me but alone enough in a peaceful setting so that I could be aware of my body and everything it was saying to me. As a person who has a very difficult time relaxing, I was surprised to find that I had drifted off to sleep, as if I had become one with Aliandra, the room, the warmth of the massage table, the soft lighting surrounding me.

Don’t let the complex title of this therapy deter you, it is the purest form of full body relaxation and restoration, something we should all be participating in, scheduling into our lives, and embracing whole heartedly. The simplicity of this session allowed me to come back to myself after those grueling days and be reminded, gently, that my body when given the proper setting knows exactly how to take care of itself.  

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