Cupping Services

Cupping is a Chinese medical treatment which is used to detoxify, improve circulation, and remove stagnation throughout the body. Chinese Medicine believes that when there is stagnation of blood, or energy throughout the body, then this causes illness. Cupping removes these blockages and promotes the flow of healthy energy throughout the body. Small glass cups are suctioned to specific areas of the back to remove stagnation of blood and energy. Bruising is expected and is a reaction of the blockage being released. These marks are left for 5-7 days. Cupping has numerous healing benefits and can leave you feeling extremely relaxed.


The Benefits of Cupping

Cupping Services at Ohana
detoxifies and improves circulation
removes toxins and promotes blood flow
relieves muscle spasms, tightness and pain
improves the digestive system
improves relaxation
reduces anxiety and depression

Cupping Pricing

  • 60-Minute Cupping

    60-Minute Cupping Session


  • 90-Minute Cupping

    90-Minute Cupping Session


Cupping Services

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