What You Can Expect from Eva

What You Can Expect from Eva

by | Jun 23, 2019 | Main Blog

I’ve come to expect Eva Lazo’s smiling face over the years at Ohana Wellness. It’s become my second home and sanctuary, and it is individuals like Eva that bring an important element to the atmosphere at Ohana Wellness: a feeling of ease. 

My most recent massage was on Eva’s table. I had just returned from being cramped like a sardine in what felt like a tiny toy airplane, culminating in over 10 hours of flights, working 12-hour days, overstimulated by too many people, my body and mind tense, exhausted, and needing some care. Las Vegas sure is the city of bright lights but can often feel like an overstimulation marathon to #anxietywarriors. I had 60 minutes scheduled with Eva, and I was curious to see if we could undo a week’s worth of damage. Well, I’m happy to report – she did. 

After our time together, I felt all the benefits from a great massage: deep relaxation, an overwhelming sense of peace, less tension physically, etc. But, Eva’s massage technique is unique and I find that there’s really only one way to describe how Eva goes about her work: there is musicality in her touch. 

She begins (similarly to other practitioners at Ohana) by setting intention while you are laying on the table. This feels like her walking her hand gently down from the crown of her head down the length of your body to meet at your feet. She’ll touch your feet, lightly squeeze your ankles and calves before she begins the therapeutic bodywork. This intention setting signals to your body, loudly and clearly: “you are cared for now – let go, be present, and breathe.”   

With Eva, there is something novel about her approach. As she moves across your body, you’ll notice that she’s seemingly creating a symphony of healing. Her fingers create the musical notes, her palms combine them together, the pressure of her whole hand put it all into song, and so on and so forth.  

Eva uses slow, extended, and sustained pressure that made me feel longer and taller (and I’m already 5’9!). It felt as if my muscles were stretching without being pulled taut or tight. She’s a tiny powerhouse (surprisingly strong) of gentle but firm care. She will repeatedly do a sweeping movement of her hands as she silently signals to your body that she’s about to start work on a particular limb or part. As if saying, “okay, it’s your turn now, come with me.” When she finishes working on that part, she repeats the movement – as if thanking and honoring your body part for allowing her to work on it. 

Eva did not get me at my best – I was feeling about as beat up as a person can be after extended periods of travel and stress. But, that’s the beauty of getting therapeutic bodywork at Ohana Wellness – you are encouraged and welcomed to come as you are. Eva was continuously in tune with what she felt within my body and knew when to do intense, deep pressure, or more circular sweeping motions to wake my tired little body up. 

It is obvious that the ease I mentioned in the beginning of this post is what makes Eva so brilliant at her job. She is confident and at ease in her ability to know what her client needs—more importantly—what her client’s body needs. But, because of her ability to create a holistic experience of healing on your body, she accelerated my healing and got me back to the path of my best self.  

Eva’s massage/symphony sounds like the 5thSymphony of Holistic Healing.

Do yourself and your body a favor and schedule time with Eva, HERE

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