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If we have learned anything it is prioritizing our health has massive benefits. Commit to yourself and enjoy major savings.

What is Harmony Club?

Want to enjoy package pricing on your massages without the large down payment? Join our Harmony Club! Here’s what you’ll get:

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one 60-minute or one 90-minute session per month*

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automatic monthly debit from your account

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the ability to share membership with immediate family

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roll-over unused sessions to the next month (for up to 3 months)

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10% off select products and special club discounts

*Cannot be used on an initial acupuncture treatment (just follow-up treatments) or specialty services such as hot stone, reflexology, etc.

How To Join

  • One 60-minute massage per month

    $110/per month

  • One 90-minute massage per month

    $150/per month

Relax At Ohana Wellness
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To join visit this link 

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choose your preferred membership option:

1.) 60-Minute Harmony Club for $110/month;
2.) 90-Minute Harmony Club for $150/month

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click Continue 

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login or create a new account to complete the process

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