What You Can Expect With Heather

What You Can Expect With Heather

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Main Blog

A Client’s Perspective

Disclaimer: Each of the practitioners at Ohana Wellness are professionally trained to adjust to the needs of their clients. The following experience is not meant to deter you from exploring this practitioner’s therapeutic bodywork for yourself. In fact, it is encouraged. Every body is different. 

When you first meet Heather, you’ll find yourself immediately at ease, her contagious smile and the way she moves in her body, through space, with complete grace and ease. She is unintimidating, authentic, and warm in all the ways you hope your massage therapist will be. 

Just like her bio describes, Heather believes all bodies are good bodies and she works to make her clients feel that the minute door closes.

Heather’s way of practicing is slow, deliberate, and concentrated. You will find her taking her time in areas often neglected, and truly taking the concept of “leaning in” into the pressure point(s) as part of her practice. I have often had a hard time finding massage therapists who give me enough pressure.

Heather knew immediately my body needed a lot of pressure combined with a lot of tenderness. That tenderness with meaningful strength behind Heather’s hands lends itself for a truly slow and sinking feeling into the massage table, ultimately helping release the deepest of tensions. By incorporating myofascial release (an effective hands-on technique that involves applying sustained gentle pressure into the myofascial connective tissue to help eliminate pain and restore motion), Heather will create space where you didn’t know there could be or you didn’t know you needed. You’ll walk out feeling a little taller than when you first walked in, and a lot lighter. 

I feel that abdominal massages should be part of every full-body massage (though they are not always included), and I wasn’t disappointed when Heather paid some special attention to one of my problem areas. She used a pattern of tender pressure swirling her hands concentrically on my abdomen, all with gentle deliberation. An especially vulnerable area, Heather’s touch helped soothe my oft-aggravated belly, I spent the rest of the day with no bloat, no cramping, no tension building up in my stomach. Asking for Heather’s awesome abdominal work is an extra special treat that will help you release another layer of tension.  

My time ended with Heather cradling my head in her strong and capable hands. It felt like a symbol of respect, as if I had given her the honor of letting her work on me and this was her way of thanking me. 

Go see Heather for a truly therapeutic experience.

Schedule time with her HERE.

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