What You Can Expect From Malka

What You Can Expect From Malka

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Main Blog

I am in a committed relationship with my acupuncturist.

I have written about my experiences with acupuncturists at Ohana Wellness before, here. And, each experience has been positive and as unique as the practitioner themself. But, I am here to say that I have found the one.

Malka and I began our journey together a year ago, amidst a pandemic.

She was with me when I walked in the door and said “I’m going to have a panic attack, will you sit with me?” She has seen me at my most bloated, my most anxious, my most stressed and tired, my most injured, my most achy and stuffy. What, if not this, is the definition of unconditional love: “I see you at your worst and I am here for you.”

But Malka Widofsky doesn’t just embody the Ohana Wellness culture of family, kindness, and personalized care above all — she’s also an exceptional acupuncturist with some of the best technique and unprecedented precision that I’ve experienced. Board certified and studied under one of the most prestigious acupuncturists in the field, Malka’s experience and expertise is unparalleled.

As I alluded before, I have seen Malka for a variety of reasons. Acute and chronic ones and though the treatments can also vary widely, my experience always remains consistent. Malka’s #1 goal is to get you feeling your best by getting to know your mental and physical triggers and what makes them…well, trigger.

Acupuncture is above all an ancient, scientifically based medicinal treatment and regimen rooted in identifying, treating, and nourishing root causes. Because of that it requires the following

  1. Consistency – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say to me “Oh, I’ve tried it a couple times, and it didn’t work for me!” Well, of course, you are barely scratching the surface. Don’t they say that it takes 2 weeks to form a new habit and 6 weeks to break a new one? Acupuncture isn’t that different. Consistency is key
  2. Openness – Many of you might think that acupuncture is holistic medicine, and you would be right. And, how can you possibly believe that small needles strategically placed on particular channels on the body drive positive physiological changes? But, being open to possibility is all acupuncture asks of you. 
  3. Communication – Like every other therapeutic work at Ohana, the session begins with – how are you really doing? Why do you think that is? That helps practitioners tailor their treatment specifically to your needs. Malka will do some standard acupuncture protocol like checking your three pulses (read more about that here) and occasionally looking at your tongue (a powerful indicator of a lot of things in acupuncture medicine).
  4. Willingness to relax – I know, I know, some of you might be saying – how can I relax when I am getting needles put in me? First, it’s nowhere near the same experience as getting blood drawn or getting a vaccine. In fact, many times the needles are completely imperceptible. And when you keep up with #1 (consistency) you’ll know where certain needles need to be placed to provide you with maximum relaxation. I can now say with confidence – getting my head needled is like taking a Xanax!

As humans, we are complex creatures. We are shaped and continually evolving due to our  many day to day (good and bad) habits; past, present, and future experiences; and genetic predispositions and factors that contribute to the sum of our whole. We are many things in one beautiful yet convoluted package. Shouldn’t we be treated as the holistic and multi-faceted beings that we are?

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