What You Can Expect From Meghan

What You Can Expect From Meghan

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Main Blog

There’s a lot you need to know about Meghan and we’ll get to all of it. But, none is more important than the fact that I affectionately (and accurately) refer to her as hot-hands-Meghan.

This woman.

Has the hottest hands.

On the planet.

It’s like being massaged by someone who’s got Hand Warmers built-in to their hands. It’s heavenly.

When I got onto Meghan’s table, it had been a pretty substantial period of time since I had been anywhere near a massage table. Life, life, and life got in the way and before I knew it, it had been several months before I had paid any attention to how my body was feeling (or screaming). We started by catching up and Meghan’s warmth extends far beyond her hands – she’s got the most delicious energy, where you feel like you can tell her the most awkward feelings you have in that moment or all the crazy sh*t you’ve been trying to cope with in your life. A fellow Sagittarius, we bonded over our absolute lack of prioritization of ourselves (though to be fair, I’d venture to say all zodiac signs suffer from this) and she reminded me of the importance of being intentional of putting myself first. She reminded me in the best big sister way possible: what do the flight attendants tell you when they’re going through the safety measures? “please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.” So, here I was about to get replenished on my very own low oxygen levels.

And, only appropriate that we started with deep, cleansing breaths while Meghan swept her hands in big, giant sweeping motions with arms and hands as if reminding your body to breathe it all in and then breathe it all out. There is something incredibly grounding about a sweeping motion like Meghan does, it sends all kinds of mindful signals to your body that include:


“holy hell that’s so relaxing,”

“why did I wait so long to do this?” and last but not least:

“this is in-cre-dible!”

Aside from her signature oven tempered hands, Meghan also does a lot of stretches in the arm, neck, and shoulder area that are divine. She will start with your arm hanging lifeless off the table and will sweep through pressure points above and underneath the armpit and down. As if sending all that tension that we all experience in that area of our bodies down into the floor. She’ll repeat this over, and over, and over again. And, just when you think she’s done with that spot, she’ll do it one more time to fully integrate that noodle-like feeling in your arm. It’s an area that can never get enough love and attention and needs that repetitive motion to really fully, deeply relax.

Like all practitioners at Ohana Wellness, Meghan takes her time. She will not leave an area before she feels like your body has relaxed underneath her capable hands. There is no rushing, there is no hurriedness, there is only responding and pacing accordingly to what your body needs. It’s what makes so many of the practitioners so good at their craft at Ohana – they are patient souls in an incredibly impatient world.

I find that it takes a lot of trust to allow a practitioner to stretch my neck, head, face, and/or ear area. It’s a rather vulnerable area and doesn’t often get touched by other people.

But, Meghan is both confident and cautious in her manipulation of this tender area that carries all of our hopes, dreams, fears, and thoughts. She allows you to put all of the weight of your heavy head into her hands. Then, turning it gently, slowly, and separating the shoulder from the neck with a deliberate stretch that just allows your shoulders to finally fall away from your ears. And, she sweeps up and down, over and out, through and fully, once again reminding your body to let go and trust in its ability to heal itself.

If I had to describe my time with Meghan in one word it would be: rejuvenating.

We often ascribe getting a massage as being relaxing, but it can also be (re)energizing and those 30/60/90 minutes are our body’s way of a going deep into a state that allows for maximum healing. Now, don’t we all need some more of that in our lives?

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