What You Can Expect From Natalie

What You Can Expect From Natalie

by | May 27, 2019 | Main Blog

Classic (adjective) – typically defined as a typical or perfect example of something as it should be. 

This is exactly what my experience with Natalie Foster was as I embarked on my 90-minute journey of pure bliss, unimaginable relaxation, and deep care of my exhausted (and very tense) body in her very capable hands.

Natalie has been one of the brightest, smiling, caring faces at Ohana Wellness since I can first begin remember becoming a patron. Since she’s one of the OG’s of this little sanctuary, I was excited to experience massage and bodywork with her. No surprise – Natalie is an exceptional woman and healer who exudes confidence, light, and laughter. I love her smile, it immediately disarms any anxiety you may have, any stress you may be carrying, and any reservations about getting on the table. In that one instant, you’re immediately put at ease. I think it’s safe to say, Natalie’s smile is as big as her love for the work she does and for Ohana Wellness.

We started our session like every session begins at Ohana Wellness. Getting to know each other a bit more, her taking the time to listen to how my body was feeling and my often-times inarticulate ways of explaining “where it hurts,” and what I hope to get out of our time together. She asked if I liked aromatherapy (I do) and gave me the opportunity to come and smell a few vials and go with my instinct. A choose your own adventure of essential oils – I let my body (my nose more importantly) tell me what I needed.

When asked what her signature was, she explained that she works to individualize the treatment depending on what she feels when working on the table. But, if she had to define it, it would be a killer (my words) combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue. What an amazing combination to experience!

There’s something extremely comforting in the way Natalie approached working on my body. She took her time, deliberately and with a lot of intention. Anytime she began working on a particular body part, back, arm, leg, etc., she began with circulatory work – warming the muscles, creating real circulation I felt, allowing the body to be ready to receive some of the deep tissue work. It’s clear that she’s got an innate ability to know where the tension and speed bumps are along in the whole of the body. Unsurprisingly, she dug deep when she noted those tensions to help send the signal to my tightly wound muscles to relinquish some of that tightness and soften.

I rarely am able to fall asleep on the table while getting a massage. With, Natalie, I might as well have taken an Ambien. It was that relaxing.

My massage with Natalie is exactly what a massage should be. It’s why I began this piece with the definition of classic. She embodies the perfect example of what a relaxing experience at a little oasis in the heart of Bethesda should be.

Do your body a favor, and schedule time with Natalie HERE.

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