On This Valentine’s Day, Love You

On This Valentine’s Day, Love You

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Main Blog


All of those terms have the common denominator of the “self” at the core. But, each have  unique definitions and mean very different things to each of us.

In theory, each of these should co-exist with each other, feeding off the other, nurturing, growing, and expanding into our beings so that we radiate love in all that we partake. We are so self-confident, self-compassionate, self-loving, and self-caring that we float through life on the wondrous cloud of complete and total self-enlightenment. But…let’s be real. Reality, is that, we may float on the cloud temporarily until it gives way underneath us.

Most of us suffer or struggle with one or more of these “self-‘s.” And it’s not always the same one. It changes—to make things more complicated—with age, life stage, relationships, etc.

I’ll be confident if I have a date this Valentine’s Day, or drop those last 10 lbs.  

I’ll take care of myself when I have the time, money, or energy.  

I’ll feel compassion for myself when I stop screwing up, when I deserve it, or when I get to the level of my peers.

I’ll love myself when I’ve figured out how to be confident, compassionate, and how to take care of myself. It’ll be easy to love myself then.

On this Valentine’s Day, I encourage us to do a little self-reflection. Are you compassionate with yourself when you need it the most? Are you confident when you move through your day in this incredible body that the universe has given you? When was the last time you showed it care, compassion, and love for carrying you through your greatest victories and losses – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

A little sign hangs on one of the walls inside Ohana Wellness. It says:

“Self-care is not self-indulgence. Self-care is self-respect.”

So, love yourself on this Valentine’s Day, whatever that may look like and surround yourself with those that love you. And above all, take a moment to look down at your body, thank it, nurture it, love it, and care for it. It’s been through it all with you since Day 1. It deserves a little love! And know, that by taking care of it, you’re just a little bit closer to cracking the code of self-confidence, self-compassion, self-love, and self-care.

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