Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk

by | Feb 1, 2017

Our clients at Ohana always want to leave with some tips on how to help their bodies until their next massage, which is great because the benefits of massage will have longer lasting effects if you do your part. Regular stretching is the perfect way to do just that.

Many of us sit at a desk and in front of the computer for hours every day and get so lost in our work that we forget to take quick breaks to stretch. So we suggest setting a hourly timer or to remember every time you get up for a water/bathroom break to do 3 minutes of stretching. JUST 3 MINUTES! Thats all folks! It will help.

Here are some great stretches that you can do in the office throughout the day.  

The Shoulder Shrug

Shrug your shoulders and release. Repeat 3 times. Inhale lift the shoulders exhale release.
stretch1 stretch2

Head Nods

Head nods (3 sets) : YES! inhale all the way back looking toward the ceiling, exhale chin to chest Inhale over your shoulder to one side, no and to the other side.

nod1 nod2 nod3 nod4


Cross arm over chest grab with other arm inhale, exhale go deeper into the stretch, hold for 3 breaths. Opposite arm.


Open Chest

Open chest in a doorway or grab the chair behind you. Look in the opposite direction, 3 breaths.


Wrist and Arm Circles

circle1 circle2